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Roosevelt Collection Management Staff Ruins Yelper's Life

We haven't heard much from Roosevelt Collection since developer Centrum Properties tore up all condo contracts and converted the homes into rental apartments last year, so we assumed everything was groovy. One former tenant thinks otherwise, and she turned to Yelp to vent a little.

First, there's the issue of management's repeated invasion of privacy:
They constantly want to have access to the apartments for nonsense balcony "checklist" things. In the month of June, we had at least 14 notices of them wanting to enter. Sounds ridiculous, right?Yeah, a little. But maybe they just want to fix the balconies. At least the place has underground parking, right?
The parking went up ridiculously and BEWARE because they will continue to increase it especially now that many have cancelled their parking contract due to the rising cost. OK, but what about the rent?
By the way, the apartments went up about $400.That's all pretty heinous, but they didn't commit any serious indiscretions, did they?
They ruined our wedding anniversary and my husbands birthday due to the leasing office needing access to show the apartment.· Review: The Roosevelt Collection [Yelp]

Roosevelt Collection

150 W Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL 60605