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Preservationists Prevail; St. Boniface Church Is Sold

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Looks like a decade-long fight to save St. Boniface is finally coming to an end. Last year, Chicago Catholic News reported that a suburban developer had announced plans to convert the Noble Square church into a senior housing facility. "God came through -- only God can put something like this together," Ald. Walter Burnett said at the time. A year later, God finally delivered the deed. Oak Brook-based IPM Amicus closed on the property last week, reports the East Village Association blog, and they plan to move ahead with an adaptive-reuse of the church that will include about 100 units of senior housing. Since the hundred-year-old church was shuttered in 1990, the Archdiocese of Chicago has made multiple attempts to demolish the Romanesque structure, only to be thwarted by persistent preservationists. Construction will likely be broken into two phases, with Phase 1 including about 75 units, and construction is scheduled to be completed by 2013. People on the "Save Saint Boniface" Facebook fan page are pumped.

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