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Price Chip-Chip-Chippin' Away at this North Side Single-Family

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It's not the PriceChopper — it's the PriceChipper! Price reductions come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes a big chunk is chopped off in one swift hack of the butcher's cleaver; others come more gradually. This large single-family home in Graceland West has seen both. Last month, the seller slashed the price by $100,000, and in the weeks since it has been reduced by $1,000 per day, almost every day, adding up to a grand total of $109,000 in price cuts. That sounds pretty good, but it represents just a 5 percent reduction on the 4,500 square-foot home, which is currently listed at $1.98 million.
· Listing: 4255 N Greenwood Ave [Redfin]