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Forget the Apple Store, What's Up with New City on Clybourn?

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Camera crews will flock to North and Clybourn when the new Apple Store finally flings open its doors tomorrow morning, but let's turn our backs on that for a moment to focus on another triangular piece of property: the site of the former New City YMCA across the street. Before the real estate market went kaplooey, Structured Development announced some pretty ambitious plans for the 8.5-acre site, which they purchased about three years ago for a reported $54 million. Originally, the mixed-use development was to have 490 residential units and 370,000 square feet of retail. The latest we've heard from Structured is that all of the residential has been scrapped, and that a high-rise is no longer in the plans. However, we're told that groundbreaking is still set for February on the retail portion, which will include a Roundy's supermarket. The development website is still active, and in addition to the grocery store it promises "lifestyle boutiques, restaurants, entertainment venues and specialty stores."
· Development website: New City [Structured Development]
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