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*Gasp* It's Here: Curbed Chicago Horror Stories!

Do visions of your college roommate keep you up at night? Or do memories of that one disastrous open house give you the thousand-yard stare? With Halloween fast approaching, Curbed will be running a new cringe-worthy feature that's guaranteed to scare your pants off: Curbed Horror Stories! Dig deep and try to remember the worst, most horrific housing-related thing that's ever happened to you; scribble it down and send it over to (Anonymity is fine.) Haunted houses are cool, but we're looking for tales that will really leave us running from our keyboards in terror — infestations, bad landlords, decorating disasters, or an apartment showing gone horribly wrong. Then, in the days leading up to Halloween, we'll post them for all to see. (Oh, the horror!) Do your worst, Curbed readers.
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