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$100K Chopped Off 2003 Sale Price, But that Kitchen Is Intact

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"PRICE DROPPED AGAIN ANOTHER 100K!!" screams the listing for this Lake View condo. The most recent price reduction, which took place almost two weeks ago, brought the price down by $50,000. Redfin shows that the place has been listed, delisted and reduced several other times since it came back on the market more than two years ago. The 3BD, 3BA home is now listed for $749,000$95,000 less than the current owner paid for the place in 2003 (and about $30K less than the 2002 buyer paid). Square footage isn't included in the listings, but it looks pretty roomy, and it appears to be in pretty good condition. The elevator opens into the unit, and the kitchen looks almost big enough to live in.
· 3800 N Lake Shore Dr Unit 3A [Redfin]