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Go Baroque at this Vintage Wonder in the Gold Coast

"Updated but not multilated [sic] original vintage," says the listing for this 2BD, 2BA at an Andrew Rebori-designed co-op in the Gold Coast. Some would argue that it has indeed been mutilated. With creamy pink walls in the living room and an emerald carpet, somehow that gazelle head mounted above the fireplace looks right at home. The place was built in 1928, and with 1,500 square feet of floor space it's priced at $645,000. The place has gone on and off the market several times over the past couple years, and monthly assessments come to a whopping $1,711. We'll take the 18-foot ceilings and the large, ivy-covered courtyard garden and leave the rest.
· Listing: 50 W Schiller St Unit 2H [Redfin]