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Architecturally Renovated in a Miesian Masterpiece

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Have you seen that groovy New York Times feature, "Living with Mies"? You can live with Mies, too! There's almost always something for sale in Mies van der Rohe's twin tower masterpiece at 860-880 N. Lake Shore Dr., but looking at the listings, many of them tend to look rather shabby and uninviting. Not this one. This three-unit combination on the fifth floor of 880 N. Lake Shore Dr. has been fixed up by renovation architect Michael Pado (who apparently has done similar work to other units in the building). With a new Tuscan travertine floor and a rehabbed kitchen, the 2,370 square-foot place is looking rather dashing. A price reduction over the weekend slashed the price by 10 percent, from $1 million to $899,900.
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