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Bridgeport Single-Family Development; Edgewater Dominick's

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CurbedWire is a roundup of new developments and real estate gossip around Chicago. Got some news or gossip? We want to hear it:

BRIDGEPORT: Looks like Riverbend Estates development is ready to start building their 26 single-family homes on a large vacant lot (formerly a Holsum bakery) in the section of Bridgeport formerly known as "Hardscrabble." A tipster sends this note (pictured) from the developer announcing that they're "anticipating to break ground in the very near future." In July, Chicago magazine reported that all six homes in Phase 1 had been sold. [CurbedWire Inbox]

EDGEWATER: Another new grocery store is almost ready to open its doors. This time it's a Dominick's at the corner of Foster and Sheridan, which is set to open November 11. The entire tear-down of old Dominick's and the construction of the new one took just about one year. [Uptown Update]