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This Bucktown Home Gets Top Honors For Bizarre Green Claims

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Everyone want to claim the title of "first something" when it comes to LEED certification. ("first LEED Gold-certified rental building," "first LEED-Gold restaurant," "first LEED-Silver hotel"). Add this to the list of esoteric green titles: The builder of this single-family home at 1610 N. Honore St. hopes it will be "the first speculative-built Chicago home to earn LEED Platinum status," according to a press release. You read that right. The house in question is an 1890s two-flat that's been converted into a 3,700 square-foot single-family home. It's open to debate just how "green" a home that size is, but a lot of recycled material is apparently being used in the construction of the new home. The garage is shaded with a 7.6-kilowatt photovoltaic solar panel, which "produces 800 percent more energy than it consumes." That's kind of a funny claim, considering that, for most people, the garage isn't a real energy hog. The place is priced at $2.5 million.
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