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Work Resumes at Museum of Broadcast; Lincoln Park 2520 Update

LINCOLN PARK: Now that's a sight for sore eyes. Construction is moving right along on Lincoln Park 2520, one of just two major residential high-rises currently under construction in Chicago. After a long wait, Ricker-Murphy Development got their construction loan in mid-August, and construction is well underway. This must be what those Chilean miners felt like when they made it to the surface. (Alright, that's a terrible analogy.) [Curbedwire Staff]

RIVER NORTH: After a four-year hiatus, work has resumed on the Museum of Broadcast Communications at the corner of State and Kinzie streets. The first step: fixing the sidewalk, which "has been a hazard to pedestrians for many years." [Marina City News]

Lincoln Park 2520

2520 North Lakeview Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614 Visit Website