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First Look Inside 200 Squared, The Loop's Newest Rental High-Rise

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Have you been keeping an eye on 200 Squared? It's kind of tough to even see it from most angles, because it's tucked between some soaring office buildings, but it's one of the only major high-rises that's been built in the Loop this year. Whoever has been managing the building's Facebook fan page has posted a flurry of updates in recent weeks, including a bunch of construction photos and views from the apartments. The Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz-designed building isn't completely finished, but if everything goes according to plan, rental tenants will start occupying their new homes in a couple of weeks. Floors 15 through 21 should be ready for occupancy on November 1, according to an agent at the leasing office, and those who sign leases before that date won't have to pay rent until March 1.
· Development website: 200 Squared [Draper & Kramer]
· 200 Squared Facebook page [Facebook]

200 Squared

210 N. Wells St, Chicago, IL 60606