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Is U Lucky Dawg Officially Rogers Park's Ground Zero Mosque?

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The story is more than a month old, but seeking to spread the Ground Zero Mosque panic westward, the Wall Street Journal dug up some deets about a proposed mosque at the former U Lucky Dawg hot dog stand in West Rogers Park. The West Ridge Chamber of Commerce rejected the mosque for two reasons: First, the Muslim group wasn't going to make significant changes to the building, so the place would still look like a busted old wiener shack; second, because of its tax-exempt status, the neighborhood wouldn't be able to collect any property taxes from a place of worship.

Case closed, right? Pretty much, until the guy next door started running his mouth at an August hearing. "It comes down to September 11th," said Jack Israel, whose dad owns a furniture store next door, "and to the ground zero mosque." Israel added, "It's the identical argument when you strip away the veneer." For now, there's still a dancing wiener above the vacant building at 6821 N. Western Ave., and the place is still listed for sale for $895,000. "Suitable for many uses," says the listing.
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