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Bricks in the Front and Glass in Back at Bucktown Gut-Rehab

Take a stroll down a random residential street in Bucktown, and although the century-old facades have a modest charm, the interiors are often anything but. Continuing with the "old meets new" theme from earlier in the week, we bring you this gut-rehab at 2029 W. Dickens Ave., where a "should-have-been-condemned three-flat," as the owner put it, was transformed into a pretty bitchin' 6BD, 4.5BA home. For the engineering geek in you:

"Pylons sunk six feet into the earth, a new concrete foundation, and an interior latticework of steel beams now provide the structure necessary to support an expansive, south-facing family room at the back of the home, one that fulfills the couple's desire for a light-saturated space that seamlessly combines indoor and outdoor life. The dramatic two-story back wall is constructed mainly from translucent polycarbonate panels, made on an Israeli kibbutz, that allow light to stream into the second and third floor but possess a much greater insulation value than thermopane glass."Owners Michael Frommer and Susan Shure got a lot of press for the place when it was under construction a few years ago. Then, when it was finished, Frommer told Chicago Home that the couple planned to ditch their dream home and move to a little Mexican fishing village. But they're still fishing for a buyer. The $2-million home has been on the market since early 2008, and it hasn't budged.
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