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This 1876 Gold Coast Mansion Was Inspired by Lucien Lagrange

The second you announce retirement, people start carving out your legacy. In the case of recently-bankrupt architect Lucian Lagrange, who designed a handful of traditionalist high-rises in River North, one agent is attaching his name to a building that was built long before he was even born. Have a look at this Gold Coast home that was "inspired by Lucien Lagrange," according to the listings. The place was given a complete gut rehab in 2007, with an updated limestone facade. And while it's true that the end result does look a bit similar to the low-rise motor court at The Elysian, the home was built in 1876—about a century before Lagrange even started working. However, that doesn't take anything away from the home itself, which looks pretty spiffy. The 5BD, 6BA mansion has 6,000 square feet of floor space, four large outdoor spaces, and it has been reduced three times in the past year from $6.1 million to its current price of $5.25 million.
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